1. Complaints may be made under warranty.
  2. A complaint can be made by letter or e-mail to the postal or electronic address of the Seller. They may be submitted using the form annexed to the Rules, but this is not obligatory.
  3. In the body of the complaint submitted, it is recommended to include:
    1. the consumer’s contact details for responding to the complaint and for correspondence relating to the complaint,
    2. the number of the Consumer’s bank account to be used for reimbursement of the money, should the case arise,
    3. a description of the problem and the identity of the consumer.
  4. In the event that a warranty complaint relates to Goods, in order for the Seller to consider the complaint, the Consumer is obliged to deliver or send the Goods under complaint to the Seller’s address, at the Seller’s expense.
  5. The seller will recognise complaints within 14 days from the date of notification.
  6. The Seller shall inform the Consumer of the manner in which the complaint received will be resolved by e-mail or by ordinary letter, depending on the Consumer’s wish or the method used by the Consumer to lodge the complaint.
  7. If the warranty complaint relates to Goods that are subject to shipment to the Consumer after the complaint has been recognised, the Seller shall deliver or send the Goods to the Consumer’s address.
  8. Refunds in connection with a complaint will be made by means of a transfer to a bank account or by postal order, according to the Consumer’s wishes.
  9. The application of warranty rights is excluded for Customers who are not Consumers.


(this form can be copied, filled in, printed and returned if you wish to make a warranty claim)


K&A Katarzyna Cieślińska, Działkowa Street 113/16, 05-808 Parzniew

Name, surname of the client:

Customer address:

Customer telephone number:

Customer e-mail address:

I identify the following as my contact details for responding to the complaint and for correspondence relating to it:

postal address:

e-mail address:

The complaint concerns:

sales contract of __________ goods:

uthe provision of another service:


Date on which the cause of complaint was established:

Problem description:

Requesting a complaint:

remedying a defect in goods or services

replacement of goods with defect-free goods

reduction in the price of goods

withdrawal from the contract

Signature of the submitter: